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TankTek is an Ontario based environmental engineering and petroleum contracting firm


TankTek is an Ontario based environmental engineering and petroleum contracting firm


TankTek is an Ontario based environmental engineering and petroleum contracting firm

For bioremediation around Ontario, TankTek is your partner in safety

Bioremediation in Ontario allows natural processes to clean up harmful chemicals in the environment. Microscopic “bugs” or microbes that live in soil and groundwater like to eat certain harmful chemicals, such as those found in gasoline and oil spills. When microbes completely digest these chemicals, they change them into water and harmless gases such as carbon dioxide.

In order for microbes to clean up harmful chemicals, the right temperature, nutrients (fertilizers), and amount of oxygen must be present in the soil and groundwater. These conditions allow the microbes to grow and multiply—and eat more chemicals. When conditions are not right, microbes grow too slowly or die. Or they can create more harmful chemicals. If conditions are not right at a site, Tanktek works to improve them. One way they improve conditions is to pump air, nutrients, or other substances (such as molasses) underground. Sometimes microbes are added if enough aren’t already there.

The right conditions for bioremediation cannot always be achieved underground. At some sites, the weather is too cold or the soil is too dense. At such sites, Tanktek might dig up the soil to clean it above ground where heaters and soil mixing help improve conditions. After the soil is dug up, the proper nutrients are added. Oxygen also may be added by stirring the mixture or by forcing air through it. However, some microbes work better without oxygen. With the right temperature and amount of oxygen and nutrients, microbes can do their work to “bioremediate” the harmful chemicals.

Bioremediation in Ontario is closely inspected provincially. At TankTek, We keep you safe while you keep more revenue

Bioremediation in Ontario is very safe because it relies on microbes that naturally occur in soil. These microbes are helpful and pose no threat to people at the site or in the community. Microbes themselves won’t hurt you, but never touch the polluted soil or groundwater—especially before eating. No dangerous chemicals are used in bioremediation across Ontario. The nutrients added to make microbes grow are fertilizers commonly used on lawns and gardens. Because bioremediation changes the harmful chemicals into water and harmless gases, the harmful chemicals are completely destroyed. To ensure that bioremediation in Ontario is working, Tanktek tests samples of soil and groundwater.

Bioremediation across Ontario is what TankTek specializes in. Don’t take chances!

Bioremediation in Ontario needs to be done properly, and TankTek is your partner in efficient, safe tank testing across Ontario, as well as tank removal across Ontario as well! We are here to make sure that nothing is left to chance with your storage tank(s).

Call 1(877)789-6224 or email us today to have us come and take a look at your storage tank! Remember, TankTek is the provincial leader in bioremediation across Ontario!



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