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TankTek is an Ontario based environmental engineering and petroleum contracting firm


TankTek is an Ontario based environmental engineering and petroleum contracting firm


TankTek is an Ontario based environmental engineering and petroleum contracting firm

In Situ remediation Ontario

With In Situ remediation around Ontario, we keep you green and lean

  • Provides multiple alternatives to full scale site excavation
  • In place chemical and biological treatment of contaminated soil and groundwater
  • Use patent technologies that are guaranteed
  • Possess a mobile Certificate of Approval from the MOE

In Situ remediation is done in-place, or at the location itself. The efficiency of TankTekís In Situ remediation across Ontario is that the work is done on-site, so the ground is disturbed as little as possible. That way, our team can come and go with minimal disturbance to your property, business and infrastructure.

In Situ remediation in Ontario is our specialty. We keep you safe, while you keep your bottom line thriving

There are several alternatives to full-scale excavation when it comes to In Situ remediation. Ontario has strict standards, and TankTek demands only the most cost-effective and efficient means of In Situ remediation across Ontario. Thatís why our equipment and professionals are both state of the art in knowledge and materials used.

In Situ remediation in Ontario is what TankTek specializes in. Partner with the leader!

We come and get the job done from the first day with our In Situ remediation in Ontario, and we do it with the best in customer service, respect and courtesy. By the time we are done, you will be satisfied with the time it took to do the job, the way our team worked with you, and the end result, backed by our industry-leading technologies.

Call 1(877)789-6224 or email us today! Remember, TankTek is the future of In Situ remediation across Ontario!



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