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TankTek is an Ontario based environmental engineering and petroleum contracting firm


TankTek is an Ontario based environmental engineering and petroleum contracting firm


TankTek is an Ontario based environmental engineering and petroleum contracting firm

Statistical Inventory Reconciliation in Ontario (SIR)

For Statistical Inventory Reconciliation in Ontario, you can’t do better than entrusting TankTek services

Statistical Inventory Reconciliation in Ontario (SIR) is one form of approved leak detection.  SIR across Ontario allows the owner or operator of a facility to meet leak detection requirements by utilizing equipment that is readily available at the facility – a tank gauging dip stick, a tank chart and inventory records.  This data is typically already collected for standard inventory reconciliation.

Standard inventory reconciliation across Ontario is not very precise.  Depending on the throughput of the facility, there could be losses of thousands of litres every month that would go undetected.  For SIR in Ontario, the collected data is periodically (monthly) submitted to TankTek and a trained professional uses sophisticated computer software to conduct a statistical analysis of the data. In contrast to standard inventory reconciliation, SIR analysis can be very sensitive and accurate. Trust TankTek for your SIR in Ontario.

Statistical Inventory Reconciliation in Ontario (SIR) is much more sensitive and accurate when done by TankTek

The revised Liquid Fuels Handling Code (Ontario Regulation 217/01) specifies the frequency of precision leak detection and monitoring of underground storage tanks (USTs). By implementing an SIR Ontario program, facility owners and operators can extend the precision leak testing frequency by an additional three years (vs the frequency requirement when only standard inventory reconciliation is used).

As you can see, we at TankTek have done our homework to offer you cutting edge Statistical Inventory Reconciliation in Ontario (SIR) with our industry leading services.

Statistical Inventory Reconciliation across Ontario must meet stringent guidelines for safety, and TankTek is leading the way

Tank inspection in Ontario needs to be done properly, and TankTek is your partner in efficient, safe tank testing across Ontario, as well as tank removal across Ontario as well! We are here to make sure that nothing is left to chance with your storage tank(s). The truth is that in this industry, procedures are often followed without the ultimate in knowledge and precaution to make sure the job is done right the first time. TankTek’s SIR Ontario services step in to do the job right, which saves you money and time. Do not fool around with your Statistical Inventory Reconciliation in Ontario. We are the leaders in the province, and we mean business when we say that paying the lowest amount can cost you a LOT more down the line, so be sure and call the experts! We are waiting for your call, and you can rest assured that with TankTek, you have the best in reliability, efficiency and respect.

Call 1(877)789-6224 or email us today to have us come and take a look at your storage tank! Remember, TankTek is the provincial leader in Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) in Ontario!



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